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Anxiety & Your Time of the Month

Some of us experience a great deal of anxiety around that time of the month, otherwise known as PMS. Sometimes our hormones get the best of us and that's okay, we are ever evolving beautiful humans. When you notice the extra dose of anxiety, or body vibrations kicking in, rather than resist it...flow into the discomfort. Take that few days or week to honour your body a little bit extra. Maybe this anxiety is your suppressed emotions rising to the surface because you were not able to acknowledge them prior.

Take this time to journal more often, meditate more often, plan your week so you have more down time. Make time for more leisure and relaxation. Move in a way so your body and mind feel best. Maybe this means doing yoga over a HIIT workout, or listening to relaxing music rather than upbeat pump up songs.

Listen and respect what your body is going through, it needs a little extra love during that time of the month, honour it.

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