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Breaking up The Work Week

It's easy to slip into the "friday" worker mentality. You know...the people that go to work on Monday, miserable, wishing it was Friday. I'm not going to lie, I love Friday's! But Monday's have their place in my heart too. Whenever I'm feeling overly eager for Friday, I know that means I have to do some work on my life and learning to love it more so I'm not counting down the hours on the clock at work.

Here are some of my little ways I incorporate passion & creativity into my work week so I wake up excited everyday...well most days!

1. First off, write out your goals each month as well as each week.

2. Write out a schedule of what your week looks like with the times (deadlines, appointments, work...)

3. Look over your goals for the week, where can you fit these into your schedule this week?

* if you don't really know what your goals are, thats okay! The best thing to do is to make time for creativity anyway. So schedule an hour or more during your work week where you can simply immerse yourself in creativity.

TIPS: Some ways to keep your energy up after work so you can still have enough drive to tackle your passion projects!

1. A coffee or warm drink after work to look forward give you some energy if you need it

2. Blast music that makes you want to dance and gives you all the happy feels as soon as you get home

3. Do a 10 minute tidy of your space so you are more inclined to be creative, get any work done that you need to finish, etc.