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Confidence Struggle

When you're confidence is compromised by something, or just when you aren't feeling like yourself, this is our mind's way of telling us something very important. This is a time to re-evaluate your life. Sometimes we don't know the exact reason why we aren't feeling as confident as usual, but we don't need to fixate on the "why", rather we should direct ourselves to the "what now".

Sometimes when your confidence is shaken it's a blessing in disguise. Re-direct yourself and tweak parts of yourself to become your ideal self through this process. Find ways to bounce back so next time you feel this way you have the perfect formula for getting out of this confidence rut. Here are some of my tips for when I feel like my confidence is shot:

1. Create a Playlist with songs that make you feel like a boss b*tch

2. Make a small goal and squash it within a week, or create an attainable to-do list

3. Workout with a bomb ass playlist - this is always a confidence booster for me

4. Take care of your body - I notice when I eat healthier and treat my body nicer, the more confident I am. I feel better, think better, and it's a confidence boost knowing you stuck with something. Start small like: drink water with lemon every morning this week (a small regime that you stick to can really help build up that confidence)

5. Time Alone & Pinterest - sometimes it's best to let yourself be alone for a little while to get your mind right. Swap Instagram scrolling for Pinterest quote scrolling. Fill up on confidence quotes and repeat them to yourself until you feel even a little better

6. Write out your dream self - envision what your ideal self feels like, be her. Sometimes when it comes to confidence you really do need to fake it until you make it...on top of doing some internal work as well of course.

Just know this confidence struggle will pass...and it will come again but probably won't hit as hard the next time, and if it does you'll know what works for you to get out of it. This will pass, it always does. You got this.