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Current Favourites

I wish I could say some of these favourites are related to the current loungewear trend because of quarantine, but honestly this is what I wear to work and have been for quite some time now. I just feel my best when I'm wearing comfy casual clothes, some gold hoops and accessories. Along with some clothing faves, I'm also sharing a few of my current wellness faves of course! All the titles have a link so be sure to check that out for the specifics. Here's the breakdown:

1. Sweatpants

Sweatpants with gold hoops, gold rings, sneakers, and a cute top if you're feeling fancy is such a trend right now and I hope this trend never dies. My favourite place to get sweatpants is H&M because they are affordable, don't stretch any more than other sweatpants, not too thick or thin, and usually have a matching hoodie.

2. Gold Hoops

I have searched for the perfect gold hoops and have finally found them. These ones aren't too thick, or too thin, and aren't too heavy! And won't tarnish if you have proper care of them.

3. Body Butter

My skin has been so dry lately with all the sanitizing going on right now especially, so I'm trying to take extra care of my skin with daily exfoliating and moisturizing. One of my favourite body butters at the moment is this one from the Body Shop because it smells sooo clean and fresh.

4. Spot Treatment

This isn't a new favourite but I feel like everyone needs to know about it if you don't already. The Kate Somerville EradiKate spot treatment is literally magic. I was breaking out pretty bad last week and this saved my skin. Put it on before bed and wakeup and your pimple is fully gone or almost non existent. I've tired the Mario Badescu one that everyone talks about and the Kate Somerville is 10X better.

5. Daily Walks

I feel like now more than ever, getting our bodies out into the sunshine is so essential. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me I still have to go into work, so my life right now is pretty much only work and only seeing work I make sure to get outside for a walk or a workout everyday after work so I don't go crazy. This is a very anxious time for a lot of us and depriving our bodies of movement and sunshine will only make matters worse, so get moving for your mental health.

6. Ginger Lemon Tea

I've tried so many lemon ginger teas but this one is my absolute go-to because it actually tastes like theres a ton of ginger in it and that's what I look for. This at the end of the day, a face mask and some chill music is the perfect way to unwind.

Stay safe and healthy, and let me know what your current favourites are!