February Favourites

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Happy almost March! I can't believe it's almost Spring, I am so happy to say goodbye to Winter. Here I have listed some of my favourite wellness and beauty items I have been loving so far this year. Send me your recommendations and have a great week!

1. Burberry For Her Perfume

I got this perfume in a PR package and I am IN LOVE. It is the perfect everyday scent and I'm not much of a perfume person at all... It smells like berries with a hint of musk.

2. Pukka Ginger Tea

My favourite go to tea is anything with ginger, lemon or honey so that's why I love this Pukka one because it has all 3. I love having this after dinner with a little piece of dark chocolate to end off the night.

3. Weleda Body Butter

After wasting so much money on big tubs of watered down body moisturizer because they cost cheaper, I've come to the realization that I'm going to have to splurge a little once and a while. This body butter melts into the skin and smells just like all the other Weleda products which I am equally obsessed with. I have currently been using the Weleda face moisturizer and am loving it!