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February Goal Crusher

Hello Lovely!

Feels so good to be back on here, I have been sick with you know what and it was not fun! I am back, feeling (slightly) refreshed and ready for the new month. I always love the start of a new month because it feels like a fresh view of our goals.

I have created this goal document for you to aid in your journey towards your ideal self. The purpose of this is to jot down a few goals for the month, then the specific tasks you will do each day, or each week towards said goals. This is not meant to overwhelm you, rather it is intended to keep your mindset on visualizing your goals and actualizing your behaviour toward those goals. There is only room for a few goals because we need to get clear and focused on what we want and need. It doesn't mean you don't have other intentions, it simply means your'e adding in more elements to become the ideal you!

* Note the image version as well as the downloadable pdf version

Download PDF • 48KB