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Giving yourself space.

Just like we need space from people we love sometimes, we also need space from ourselves. Obviously we can't literally have space from ourselves but we can detach from the things that no longer serve us. Giving yourself space means emptying your daily life of unnecessary mental clutter and embracing stillness and a slower pace of life. Over the last few months, most people have been forced to move at a slower pace, this is a teaching moment for us all. To live our lives at a slower pace from time to time, allows us to give ourselves space, space to reflect, reassess and rediscover.

Here are some ways in which you can give yourself some space :

  1. Take a couple days off work, off from plans with friends, and off of any appointments

  2. Clear your space (this is a must for me in any situation because it allows me to have a clear mind)

  3. Have a social media detox

  4. Take yourself on dates in nature

  5. Meditate to clear your mind, rid yourself of any expectations you put on yourself and simply be present

  6. Allow yourself to feel - sometimes we fill out time so we don't have time to feel or process. Allow yourself to feel any emotion and let it pass without judgement

  7. Rediscover - after all this, imagine what qualities you want to manifest in yourself and enter the new phase with those in mind