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Guilt Worksheet

Shame can often feel like guilt. Firstly, recognize if that feeling you are experiencing is in fact guilt, or if it is shame. Shame is something that may require more time to work through and often stems from societal pressures - shame does not mean you did something wrong, it means you were made to feel like you did.

Guilt however, is living in the past and knowing you did not show up as your ideal self in the way you felt you should or could have. The beautiful thing about this is that we can change that. Of course with everything there is different levels of guilt -- for levels of 9 and higher on the following worksheet, I encourage you to consult a mental health professional or reach out to me directly if this is something you would like to work through further.

I recommend completing this worksheet via printing it, followed by 2 minutes of breathwork and a nice walk.

Download • 38KB

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