Hormone & Gut Balancing Bowl

Even if you don't love vegetables, I can assure you, you will love this bowl and it will become your go-to fridge clean out meal. It is so easy, and so is the delicious sauce that goes with it. Below I have listed the veggies I added because it is what I typically have leftover in my fridge, but feel free to get creative. Enjoy this delicious bowl while nourishing your gut health and balancing your hormones and blood sugar levels...enjoy!

1. Start off by throwing in some frozen edamame beans and corn in a pan and splashing in a little soy sauce/soy sauce alternative. I use the Braggs seasoning.

2. Once those are nice and tender, add in some cubed tofu and a tiny bit more soy sauce and a pinch of sea salt

3. Then add in the rest of your chopped veggies, I used the following:

- radishes (help to balance blood sugar levels)

- coleslaw mix (balance and promote gut health)

- cucumber (contains lignans to help with hormone balancing)

- pickled organic ginger

- green onion

THE SAUCE: drizzle on the top afterwards

I never measure so taste as you go, but here is a rough outline:

3 TBSP mayo

3 tsp sriracha

1 TBSP soy sauce/soy alternative