How I Stay Motivated To Workout

I want to talk about how I personally stay motivated to workout but more importantly I want to talk about what does not work (for me).

First off, I go to the gym about 3-4 times per week, and go to a hot yoga class maybe once a week if I can. Other than the gym and hot yoga, I do an at home workout that usually consists of dancing, or a youtube video once a week. Throughout the years I have found what works best for me and my body, which may not be what's best for yours.

I am a pretty anxious person so a lot of my life revolves around managing my anxiety and doing what I can, to become the ideal calm version of myself. For me, the easiest way to help manage my anxiety is to workout and stay active, among other things.

1. Music - knowing I'm about to block out the world and listen to some pump up workout music is definitely a big motivator for me to go to the gym, oddly enough I feel like I'm at the club when I go to the gym most days (minus that florescent lighting).

2. Outfit - I feel better when I workout when I'm wearing a cute outfit. I don't know why this works but it does. I have a workout drawer in my closet, I look at workout outfits on Pinterest and buy at least one new workout piece every season.

3. I told Myself I Would - It's such a great feeling when you tell yourself that you will go workout at a certain time and actually do it. Show up for yourself and just go.

4. It's a Craving - I've been working out pretty consistently my whole life so at this point it's become a craving. I crave the music and adrenaline associated with working out, and I notice a huge difference in my mental health when I am not working out consistently. Do it for your body, but more importantly your mind.

These are some of the things that motivate me to workout on a regular basis, but I did want to briefly mention what doesn't work for me :

1. Body Image - There's nothing wrong with wanting to look a certain way, but I think it's too easy to start becoming obsessive. In the past I was working out to look a certain way, but I was never satisfied. So for me, this is not a motivator for me to workout consistently because it hasn't worked in the past.

Remember, working out is something we all need to be doing and working out can look different for everyone. It doesn't have to mean you go to the gym, or a class. Find what excites you and stick with it, or try something new every month! Have fun with it.