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Maximize your therapy session

If you  ever feel like you could have gotten more out of your therapy session, or if you are wondering if therapy is right for you because you aren’t noticing change - here are a few ways to help with that by maximizing your sessions!

The first thing to do is ASK….ask your therapist what you can do because all therapists have different approaches and expectations. 

You might want to ask your therapist the following questions:

  1. How can I prepare for my session so I get the most out of it?

  2. Can you help with (blank) specifically? Can we make time to discuss (blank) next session?

  3. I am struggling with (blank), what could I do outside of therapy to help with this? (did you know approximately 70% of your goals are due to what you are doing outside of therapy, and roughly 30% is due to therapy)

Again, every therapist is going to be different, but personally I often work with high achieving anxious women who love structure and planning. Since this is my main clientele, that means I often tell them what we will most likely be working on in our next session unless something else comes up for them.

I also encourage writing down bullet points throughout your week of thoughts, feelings or any events that come up that you want to remember to bring up in therapy. 

Lastly, if you and your therapist defined goals at the beginning of your initial sessions, now might be a great time to go back to those goals and check in on your progress, or even redefine your goals. 

I often tell clients, it is not your job to feel like you have to come to therapy with content prepared. It is my job as your therapist to help guide you and it is your job to be honest, and open. 


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