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Meal prepping can be so daunting, but it's kind of like going to the feel so much better after you do it and it's 100% worth it.

I dreeaadd cooking when i'm hangry, and usually opt for take-out when I get to that point, but then I have little control of what I'm putting into my body so it's best to KNOW and make food at home. Save eating out for special occasions, not convenience.

This meal and dish prep took about 2.5 hours but you could definitely get it down to 2.

These are the typical dishes I like to meal prep each week minus a few. Most of these dishes can be used in multiple ways for different meals. My go to is typically nourish bowls because they are super healthy, filling, and delicious!


1. Baked Potato

USE: Smashed potato with cracked salt & pepper as a side dish, or potato chunks for nourish bowl

2. Boiled Eggs

USE: Breakfast bowls with avocado or on top of avocado toast, egg salad, sandwich, etc.

3. Sweet & Spicy Tofu

USE: An add on to your nourish bowl, stir fry

4. Steamed Carrots

USE: Side dish, nourish bowls, stir frys

5. Baked Salmon Chunks

USE: Nourish bowls, Sushi bowls, side dish, put in salad wraps for a snack

6. Sunshine Nourish Bowl Dressing (recipe will be up soon!)

USE: Salad or Nourish bowl dressing

7. Shredded Carrots & Sliced Cucumber & Other Veggies

USE: Nourish bowls, dip with homemade hummus