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My Top 10 Health Tips

Now seems like as good of a time than ever to share some of my favourite health tips. I'm someone who seriously used to get sick every single month... every month I would get a sore throat, feel extremely run down, sleepy, etc. Since implementing these vitamins and lifestyle changes, I (knock on wood) maybe get a tiny bit sick once a year, IF that.

I do want to say that even if you don't get sick that often, feeling tired, drained and run down is normal and should be treated as though you are sick. It's okay to take a day off from life every now and then. We are not robots and need to respect our body and what it's telling us. Take a break BEFORE you get sick. Listen to your body:)

My Top 10 Health Tips:

1. Lowering Cortisol

This is the number one health tip, but also the most difficult to maintain. Little everyday stresses can get to us, and then pile some bigger ones on top of that and you've got a serious problem. This is one I am constantly working on because I personally have extremely high cortisol levels and it's a goal of mine to lower and maintain. Stay tuned for a post coming soon on specific ways to lower cortisol.

2. Lemon Water

I know you've heard of this a million times but are you doing it? As soon as you wake up, fill your water bottle with room temp water and a smidge of lemon juice and a dash of celtic sea salt to get all the minerals back into your water. This is packed full of electrolytes.

3. Daily Greens

I don't always know what all my meals for the day will look like so I make sure to start my day with a teaspoon of spirulina in some OJ to make sure I am getting some healthy greens into me.

4. Vitamin C

Obviously we know vitamin C works wonders when we're sick. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin C in your diet so you can prevent yourself from getting sick. My favourite way is to pop one of the Ener-C packets you can get at the grocery store into my water about 2X a week. I also love snacking on orange peppers from time to time when I'm starting to feel under the weather, these are packed with vitamin C!

5. Sleep

I am very strict when it comes to my sleep. I honestly count my hours every morning when I wake up to make sure I at least got 7 hours...but I'm happier with 8-9 otherwise my body starts to feel the effects. Please take your sleep seriously, again you are not a robot and need time to recoup.

6. Prebiotics & Probiotics

This keeps your gut nice and healthy and a healthy gut means a healthy human. Read up on gut health and why i's so important! My favourite prebiotic is miso soup, and for probiotics I take capsules that are stored in the fridge.

7. Udo's Oil

I don't like fish oil so I take the next best (or better) thing which is Udo's oil. It's a very specific curated oil that has to be stored and packaged in a particular way...that's when you know it's the good stuff. It's packed with all the essential oils our body needs to function at it's best, plus it really helps with skin issues which is a bonus!