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My Uplifting Music Playlist 2019!

When we listen to sad songs we tend to feel...shocker...sad. Whenever I need that extra pep in my step or I'm feeling super crappy and down, I force myself to listen to my uplifting playlist and it always does the trick! I literally created a playlist on my phone called "uplift" for emergencies and I definitely suggest you to do the same if you like to get out of moody moments quick!

Here are some of my top uplifting and confidence boosting songs for 2019 :)

1. Thursdays - Jess Glynne

2. Gave me Something - Jess Glynne

2. Don't be so hard on Yourself - Jess Glynne

3. Good as Hell - Lizzo

4. Because I am a Queen - India Arie

5. The Bones - Maren Morris

6. Conceited - Remy Ma

7. Good Thing - Kehlani & Zedd

8. Masterpiece - Jessie J

9. Be Alright - Ariana Grande

10. So Close - Georgia Ku & Captain Cuts