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Routine Vs. Ritual

I talk a lot about my routines and rituals, but what is really the difference?

Both have their place and purpose. For me, routines should be implemented when we wish to achieve more of an outward goal or intention. Routines are great for workouts because the routine is essentially training your brain to create a habit. Routines help us to create a habit, so whether that be a good habit or bad habit, we all consciously or unconsciously create routines. Where it gets good is when we pause and reflect upon these routines and alter them to better serve us in being our ideal self.

Rituals often should accompany a routine to breakup the rigidity of a routine. For example, if you have a morning routine like: wash face, make breakfast, get dressed, now when we implement a ritual as part of that routine it elevates the routine to serve us more internally. Rituals are often much more specific and personal. For example, upon completing your morning routine, maybe you sit in the sun and do deep breathing while rolling your favourite essential oil around your neck to boost your mood while listening to a certain sound.

This becomes more of a ritual to add to your routine, and can be slotted into anytime of your day. It may be a ritual to ease your anxiety that you can use at any point of your day, whereas a routine is often around the same time.

Think about what routines you have that no longer serve you, how can you create a new one? What rituals will you implement?

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