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Staying Grounded at Work

Anxiety can creep in at any time, and sometimes it happens during work. I have compiled a short simple list that can help alleviate that by staying grounded and not letting anxiety take over during your work day.

1. Bathroom Breaks

I know this sounds weird but I swear by this and there is a reason why I put this as the first tip. I take a bathroom break every single hour when I'm at work. Yes I drink a ton of water, but I also just like to take a break in the bathroom so I can get a short break to recoup, and get away from noise and people for a couple minutes. I literally go into the bathroom, roll my shoulders, take some deep breaths, unclench my jaw, and say whatever I need to say to myself to make me feel good.

2. Mini Rituals

I like to take orange scented essential oil to work and I smell it every so often. This allows me to take some deep breaths and smell a stress relieving scnet at the same time. So it doesn't look weird when I do this, I tell my co-workers to smell it too and they also love it! To make this a mini ritual, I smell the essential oil with two deep breaths, unclench my jaw, release my tongue from the roof of my mouth, stretch, and wiggle my toes to ground me further.

3. Be Prepared

Nothing makes anxiety go wild like being unprepared. Prepare everything the night before or simply just live a minimal and organized life. Prepare a little bag, or write out notes with your "grounding tools". Save pictures of calming scenery or quotes on your phone so you can turn to them throughout the day, have your essential oil ready in your little "calm bag", stay hydrated throughout the day, and always make sure you're wearing an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in.