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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

What do you normally do on Sundays? Are Sundays your typical chill day or is that a different day in the week for you? I find that it's important to take at least one day out of the week to have a complete reset so I am ready to thrive in the days to follow. I usually choose Sunday for my reset / get my life together day.

This Sunday I spent it at one of my fave restaurants, Jinya! I am ramen obsessed. I get the creamy spicy vegan ramen, and sometimes the appetizer brussel sprouts and chickpeas...amazing. I wish I lived closer to a Jinya because I could seriously eat that every night.

Then I did a little bit of shopping downtown with my mom and picked up a couple clothing pieces for fall! Once I got home you best believe I took full advantage of my free evening and binged on How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix. What's your current Netflix binge show?

I of course do different activities each Sunday but there are a few things that I keep consistent because I know they make me feel satisfied and mentally prepared for Monday and the week ahead:

1. Plan out my Agenda

I like to look over my calendar and see what I have going on for the week and what I could take out or add in.

2. Goals

I like to write out my intentions every night for the next day, but on Sundays I write out my overall goals for the entire week. This helps get my mind in the right headspace that is needed in order to achieve these goals.

3. Relax without Guilt

Okay, this is something that should be done daily but on Sundays I make sure of it. Sometimes my Sunday is busy ( a good busy ) but I make sure to take EXTRA time to wind down in the evening to prevent any "Sunday Scaries" (aka anxiety about a new week).

This wind down time means my phone is off after 8pm, I watch a show or two, take a longer shower, maybe a face mask, and a deep clean of my room. Whatever winding down means to you is a must on this recharge day!

What are your favourite ways to prepare for the week ahead?