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The "once a month" rule

As we step into the new year, it can be overwhelming to figure out which resolutions we want to stick with. If you are having trouble deciding on achievable goals for the year, start with something like my "once a month rule". This rule means that you write a list of things you can commit to doing once a month to better your life in some way. By committing to something each month, you are committing yourself to a better life. You are showing up for yourself each month like you promised yourself. This will make you feel accomplished each month, which in turn makes you feel accomplished and full the whole year.

Below I have listed some suggestions, feel free to make it your own, and have fun.

Once A Month Rule Suggestions:

  1. Once a month I will ______________

- go on a fancy dinner date with myself, friend, or loved one

- try a new workout

- deep clean my home

- go on a new hike

- take myself out on a date

- add to my vision board

- do a 20 minute meditation

- do one day with no phone

- write a letter to a friend