Tips for A Balanced Life

Everything in your life will not be absolutely perfect at all times, that is very unrealistic. Although every aspect of your life may not be perfect at all times, putting effort into creating a more balanced life will help to make you feel like your life is more put together and fulfilling.

Here are some rules I try to stick to so my life can feel balanced, fulfilling and as "perfect" as it can be.

1. Fall in love with your morning and night routine.

Create a routine or ritual that you stick to and get excited about. For example, I look forward to my morning smoothie, skincare routine, and music.

2. Plan a Social Outing 1-2X a week

It's way too easy for me to say "no" to going out and want to just stay in and be alone...BUT I know how much happier I am when I am consistently going out and spending time with my friends. I plan 1-2 social outings every Sunday by texting my friends and organizing things a little in advance so I can be sure that I have plans to look forward to during the week.

3. Talk to Someone you love every day

This sounds easy but people get so busy in their work routine that we forget to talk to people other than our co workers. I try to have a meaningful conversation with at least one person I love every single day, whether it's a simple text or a lengthly phone call.

4. Beauty Upkeep

When I look put together, I feel better. I like to do an at home facial once a week with candles, music and a really nice face mask. I like to get my nails done once a month if I can, or do them at home if I feel like it. I also like to make sure I tidy up my living space every 2 days because for me, a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind.

5. Planning Hour

I like to dedicate roughly 1-2 hours each week for planning and goal setting so I can stay on top of my goals in life. First I clean my living space, set up my agenda, pour some tea, get inspired on Pinterest or wherever and start planning. This is "me-time" and when you set that time aside for yourself it really reflects in your upcoming week/month. I feel less stressed and so much more "put together" knowing that I have already put plans into place for myself. This is a major factor in helping to create a balanced life.