Tips for Daily Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety, it's totally normal. Experiencing anxiety because of an event or unusual circumstance coming up is also totally normal. What is not normal and okay is experiencing anxiety on a daily basis from the moment you wake up...

Along with damaging our mental health, anxiety also plays a huge factor in our cortisol levels and other health problems. Everyone has different ways of managing their anxiety and finding what works for them, but what's most important is that it is being managed, otherwise anxiety can have long term effects on our brain and health.

Here are a few things that help me manage my daily anxiety:

1. Accept it, don't label it

Accept that this feeling is occurring and throw out the label "anxiety". Experience the feeling and let it pass when it's ready, don't fight it, this will only harvest more feelings of anxiety.

2. Rituals

I am huge on routine and rituals to help me stay grounded and feel like I am "put together". Have a morning ritual that you feel excited about. Something that allows your mind to enter a flow-like state. When we enter this state of "flow" it is similar to the effects of meditation on our mind. Open up your curtains, make your bed, stretch, have your lemon water, savour your breakfast, etc.

3. Diet

Diet plays a huge role on our mental health. The cleaner, fresher, more simple ingredients we are putting into our body, the fresher we feel. The way we eat also plays a part with anxiety. It's extremely important to be eating with no distractions, and mindfully taking in each bite of healthy food you genuinely enjoy.

4. Letting it out

You have to let it out. When you struggle with daily anxiety, often you don't know the cause of the anxiety, it's just a feeling that takes over with no identifiable source. There often is multiple sources for the anxiety, an accumulation of thoughts that have not been dealt with. It's okay to cry, crying doesn't mean you are sad, it can simply be a therapeutic experience. Journal without judgement, practice daily stretching or yoga to connect your mind and body together. Unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, and let it out.