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Uncertain About The Future

I used to hate feeling uneasy, uncomfortable and uncertain of the future. Do you ever get that feeling where your stomach feels like it's spinning like "something" is coming even though you know nothing is? I now take this unnerving feeling and look at is as exciting! I always think, "maybe this feeling is telling me that something new and positive will happen in my life soon".

SO much can happen and change in a day, week, month, or year, but at the same time...don't feel like you need to put pressure on yourself to accomplish BIG things in just one year. Sometimes small daily habits, and minor monthly change adds up over multiple years for a larger change. Everyone's growth is different. Although you may think nothing grand has happened for you recently, doesn't mean it won't.

So take that feeling of uncertainty and get creative. You could sit in that feeling and let it take its course, or you could see it as a sign to make some changes in your life, start something you've been meaning to start, taking the steps towards something creative. You don't have to have a clear direction, sure it helps at first but we rarely end up staying on the same path (and that's usually a good thing).