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Wellness Essentials for 2021

You do not NEED anything to embark on your wellness journey, but sometimes a few things help to inspire the process. Here are some basic wellness essentials that I love and believe will help you along with you wellness journey this year!

1. Foam Roller

This has been a life changer for me. I really don't know what I was doing before a foam roller. Rolling on this daily feels like an at home massage. I am telling you, this is a must!

2. Spirulina

If you know me, you know my love for Spirulina is strong. This blue green algae is packed full of protein and iron and provides you with a ton of energy. No more relying on coffee when you have this incredible healthy substitute. I mix a little spoonful with some juice each morning, or pop it into a smoothie since it is not the tastiest.

* Just make sure you don't have this too late in the day as it will provide you with lots of energy.

3. Magnesium Citrate & Zinc

I take magnesium and zinc and it has honestly made a difference for me. Magnesium and zinc are meant to be taken together. Over the past year, incorporating zinc into my daily routine has really helped with acne, and magnesium with sleep and muscle recovery. I believe we should be getting all the nutrients we need from our food, but I do recommend these two supplements.

4. Yoga Mat

If you don't already, get yourself a nice yoga mat. I keep this nearby so it reminds me to stretch. Stretching is so important for our bodies and mind. Incorporating this into our daily lives will make a long lasting impact on our overall well being.

5. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

These lamps emit negative ions which promote positive energy into the environment. Besides their long list of benefits you can google, they honestly really cozy up a space, naturally. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and put my face near my salt lamp and it feels like I am basking under the sun. This has really helped shift my mood in these grey winter months.

6. A Therapist

Lastly, a therapist. Finding a good therapist takes work and some trial and error. I think everyone should see a therapist every now and again, just as you would see your dentist or doctor. This is your year to be the person you crave to be and are deep down inside. The right therapist can help you uncover your best self and help you fall in