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What To Do When You're Bored

Due to recent events in the world means many people are staying tucked away at home away from the risk of spreading or contracting this stupid virus. Take this time to reset, tackle tasks you were avoiding, finding out what makes you happy, etc. Of should not take a pandemic to allow yourself time to rest and take time for yourself but unfortunately that's how a lot of people live their life. This is your reminder to check in with yourself and evaluate your life and if it's meeting all your needs with or without a pandemic forcing you to take time for yourself.

In the meantime...I have created a list of productive activities to do when you're bored at home.

1. Start a Blog!

Make it private or public, up to you. A space to document literally anything you find interesting, a space to look back on.

2. Plan your Year

Print out a calendar, grab a pen and paper and write out things you would love to do this year without limiting yourself. Write things down you would truly love to do this year without thinking about the costs, timing, etc. Grab some inspo from Pinterest while you're at it...if you're feeling energetic, make a vision bored!

3. Find a new hobby

Find something that you can easily do at home that simply brings you peace. Something you can do that you'll look forward to when you come home from work on a stressful day, on a rainy day, etc.

4. Organize your Life

Start with organizing your physical surroundings like your closet, your toiletries... Then move on to organizing your mental clutter. Write out everything thats buzzing in your brain, it doesn't have to make sense. Next, pick out the areas that you could work on from all that you just between the lines. Maybe they are goals you have been putting off, come up with an attainable step by step, week by week game plan to finally tackle your mental chaos.

5. Pamper Yourself

Create a pamper schedule. I literally have a schedule I have written out for myself so I stay on top of pampering myself because it makes me feel more 'put-together' which results in me being a more confident and productive, happy person! Have a day of the week for face masks, hair mask, nails,... whatever makes you feel more fresh and 'put- together'!