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We often look to those around us for inspiration and guidance. There is nothing wrong with this at all, but it can be tricky when that's the only source you go to for inspiration and guidance. We tend to not give ourselves enough credit. We tend to not fully trust ourselves, so we seek guidance and affirmation from others.

We can be too easily influenced by others, especially with social media. Sometimes we are often influenced without even knowing it. You may want to dress a certain way, look, talk or live out a certain persona. I want to remind you that you are the person of your dreams.

If you do not feel this way right now, what can you do to feel like you are the person of your dreams? What to you want to feel inside. How do you want to make other's feel.

Ask yourself these questions every now and then to redirect yourself towards becoming the person of your dreams. They already live inside you but too much external influence buries them deeper down. Ask yourself these questions weekly, or maybe even daily to redirect your mind towards unveiling your dream self. The more internal work you do on yourself, the more you grow to love yourself and in turn become the person of your dreams.

Affirmation from others will leave you starving, but affirmation from yourself will keep you full and content.

Some Guidance to Becoming the Woman (Person) of Your Dreams:

1. Commit to Doing One Thing a Week that You Love

This should typically be spent doing something alone so you can be alone with your thoughts and won't risk being influenced by others.

2. Tell Yourself something (internal) that you love about yourself

This should be a daily practice. If it helps, say it a few times to yourself in the mirror, don't worry it's not that weird.

3. Be Proactive Rather than Reactive

When we scroll through social media, we are reacting. This allows other's to influence your mood and thoughts. In the morning, make sure you have spent a significant amount of time being proactive before you start reacting. This can look like: meditating, mindfully making your bed, going for a walk alone with your thoughts, etc.

4. Show Up for Yourself

When an idea excites you, write it down, schedule it into your life, and DO IT. There is nothing more satisfying and confidence boosting than when you tell yourself you want to do something and you actually do it, no matter how big or small...just show up for yourself and become the person of your dreams, they're already there underneath a bunch of external influence. It's up to you to uncover them.