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Your Wellness Week

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I have created a simple (yet not so simple) wellness week "challenge". Print or download the attached PDF file for your wellness week from Monday to Sunday. There is a wellness task to achieve each day and the days add together as you go through your week. The tasks seem simple at first, but it is so easy for our days to begin to control us and get caught up in the chaos. I'm going to be doing wellness week too and know some days it may be a struggle, but sometimes when you "don't have the time for wellness activities" is really when you need them the most!

Make sure you are doing each task mindfully and with care to feel the full effects by the end of the week. Add in other wellness related tasks throughout such as, longer meditations, more water, etc. Make it your own!

Remember to be kind with yourself in this upcoming week, and have fun :)

Download PDF • 1.31MB