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It's time to start living as your ideal self

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Welcome to Lume Wellness Centres

 Virtual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Delivered through a secure online video platform, Lume's counselling services are geared toward women 21 and up. Discover what makes us different, and if we would be a good match by booking a free phone consultation today.

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Self Esteem & Gut-Mind Connection

Here to help you become your ideal self

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If you've ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin, are anxious, are not meeting your goals, or want to live a happier day-to-day life...

Now is the time to enter into your wellness journey to become your ideal self, which in turn will lead to your ideal life. 

Get rid of limiting beliefs and start living and showing up as your ideal self. You can create that dream life you have always wanted. I am right here with you. 





Anxiety can feel debilitating, like you can't do or feel the things you once did. Anxiety can hold us back from living as our ideal selves. Learn to manage the overwhelming feeling of anxiety so you can begin living in your ideal state.

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Self Esteem

Low self esteem or a lack of confidence can hold you back from accomplishing your goals and living out your desires. Through Lume, we believe we can help you get to where you want to be, with the confidence and self esteem to do so.

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Gut - Mind Connection

Our gut microbiome is often called our second brain for a reason. Several studies suggest a link between our gut health and our mental health. Learn how to manage gut health and stomach issues through therapy.

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