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Common Questions

Learn a bit about some of the research and evidence-based approaches that may be used in your therapy session. Mackenzie uses an integrated and holistic approach to therapy, meaning she often incorporates different interventions for an individually tailored therapy experience. 

Using an overall holistic approach, she looks at the psychological, spiritual, and physiological contributors to your overall well-being.

What does a typical session look like?

For your initial session, you are simply expected to show up online and you will be sent an online secure Jane App video link. In the initial session, we go over an intake assessment which is where your therapist will ask you some general health and personal history questions, and end the session with defining goals. From there, your therapist creates an individual treatment plan and sessions move forward accordingly. 


What therapeutic approaches can I expect?

Lume Wellness Centres believes in using an integrated, holistic approach to counselling. We take a look at your psychological, spiritual and physiological wellbeing altogether and how this impacts your mental health and desired goals. Depending on your treatment plan and goals, you can expect CBT, DBT, Narrative, Somatic therapies, Existentialism, Jungian, Gestalt and Humanistic approaches to be incorporated in your therapy journey. 


How many sessions before I notice a difference?

Therapy is different for everyone, and often depends on goals, trauma, and much more. Research indicates that it takes an average of 20 sessions for significant changes, but for many, it can take years of consistent therapy, and for those who have different goals, it may only take a few sessions to feel and notice a difference. 


Does my insurance cover therapy?

Lume Wellness Centres does not do direct billing to your insurance provider, however most insurance companies do cover clinical counselling or mental health therapy. You will be sent an invoice after each session which you can then submit to your insurance provider to be reimbursed. Please speak with your insurance provider regarding RCC, Clinical Counsellor coverage. 

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