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Mackenzie specializes in working with those who describe themselves as "type A, high functioning anxious individuals". In addition to this specialized area, she also works with, and has extensive experience working with people dealing with various concerns from depression, IBS, PMDD, BPD diagnoses, and more.

Below is a list of the areas of focus of this practice, however, therapy services are not limited to the areas mentioned.


Get to know your experience with anxiety, why it's there and how to lower the intensity of it.

low libido

Discover the reasons behind your struggle with low libido and resolve the impact this is having on your wellbeing.

Self esteem

Finally be able to feel confident in yourself and increase your overall self esteem in all areas of your life.

Gut-Mind connection

Together let's explore the mental causes around your gut issues such as IBS, and chronic stomach pains stemming from anxiety.


Learn how to quiet that voice in your mind that tells you things, people or that you aren't enough.

life transitions

Get help with navigating new life transitions and adjusting to new elements of life.


Individual therapy (50 minutes)
$160 per session
* There are a select few reduced rate spots occasionally put aside for those without coverage and/or are in need or financial support. If this is something you require, please email Mackenzie directly to inquire about any available spots.

*Check with your insurance provider for RCC/Clinical Counsellor Coverage

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