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how to feel more fulfilled

This is the big question many people ask themselves. "How can I feel more fulfilled?"

While there is no one answer to this question, here are a few things that may help get you started on your journey towards fulfillment:

  1. Patience

The first thing to acknowledged is that fulfillment does not occur overnight, and more importantly, it is not a constant feeling. Our emotions, moods, hormones change day to day which also means we won't feel fulfilled 24/7.

2. The Little Things

In my practice, I often use "The pillars of wellness" with my clients. These are areas or categories of our lives that when paid attention to frequently we tend to feel more fulfilled with our lives. It's the small things you don't think will make a difference that when done consistently, bring about the biggest change.

3. Emotional Support

A huge part in counselling is being able to have non judgemental support. So often we know deep down what we want in life but it's covered up by ego, past trauma, or external pressures. Counselling can help uncover what might be lacking in your life so you can more closer towards fulfillment.


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